Coin Master Free Spins Live Events on Facebook

It happens almost every day we are seeing live streams, pictures or other posts on Facebook, which are promising players free spins and coins. Are they really working? What is the deal with them? Let us take a look into it.

What do they want from you?

Basically they want to gain likes and shares for their page or group. Therefore they are making such events. It is a win-win situation because you get what you want (spins and coins) and they also get what they want (likes and shares for their page). Some of them also ask you to download their application and fill a form.

Usually, they are asking you to like the video, share the video in groups or pages, and also to make a comment.

After some time they are picking some players and transfer the spins and coins to them. As I said, a real win-win situation. However, not every page or video is legit. Some are promising you free Coin Master spins, but you won’t receive anything in return. Therefore you should check if the page is actually legit.

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coin master live streams
We found this video to be legit because many people actually received free spins and coins!

Can you get free spins through events?

Yes, it is possible. However, you need to be lucky. Normally the more people the video share, like and comment the more winners there will be. This means:

10 shares = 1 winner
50 shares = 7 winners
100 shares = 15 winners
500 shares = 80 winners
and the list goes on!

We know many people who already got free spins. Usually, they would be messaged through Facebook directly from the admin or page. They are going to ask for your email, send you a friend request and within a couple of minutes you will get free spins. Don’t worry, nobody is asking you for your password.

Never tell anyone your password or any other private information!

Legit Live Events

There are so many Coin Master events and live videos on Facebook, but which one is legit? On which video you can actually get free spins and coins? This is a pretty tough question because basically everyone could be a scammer. However, after some time you should see screenshots or other pictures on their Facebook page showing proof. People would take a picture or screenshot of their phone, showing all the free spins and coins they received. This is a great way to see whether the event or give away is actually real or not.

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Here is another video, which we found to be real:

coin master giveaway
This one really works. We saw many screenshots and photos of winners already.

Best Facebook groups and pages

There are a handful of great pages, but most of them are full of spam, fake links, or people who are sharing all kinda stuff. It is really difficult to find value.

On here you can find a great group and a great page for live events:

Premium Facebook Group


Free Spins Give Away Live Events


If you found any other great working live videos, streams or events, please share them with us in the comments! Thank you.

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