Add only quality friends to get free Spins

You have added hundreds of friends, but none of them is sending you daily gifts on Coin Master? Then you probably made a common mistake. You added the wrong people!


Be nice to others, if you want them to be nice to you!

Sometimes people on Coin Master groups are complaining no one is sending them gifts. Well, here is something you should know: In order to get gifts from your friends, you should send them gifts first. Try it for a few days and if they still don’t send you Coin Master gifts in return you better get rid of them. It is important you make the first step. Some people are shy or others think like „Oh, he/she is not sending me gifts, so I am not sending them as well.“ It shouldn’t be like this.

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You can also invite friends using this button!

Where can you find friends for Coin Master?

We highly recommend you to join Coin Master groups. This one is probably one of the best groups because they only allow premium users to enter the group. Check out the group now.


Removing bad friends from your list

You only got a limited amount of available friend spots. This means you can’t add unlimited friends, which is a pity, but also not bad. In order to remove friends, you need to remove them from your Facebook friend list. It is as simple as that. Sometimes it can take a few hours until they finally disappear in the game, but don’t worry about it. Once they are gone you can add new friends…and hopefully this time they will send you daily spins!

Other methods to get free spins

Unfortunately, you can also only get a limited amount of gifts per day. If you need more, you should use other methods. One helpful method is the Coin Master rewards, which are getting updated every single day. With the help of the rewards, you will be able to get daily free spins and coins. To get them you can simply download the iOS or Android app, which are sending you notifications once they added new links and rewards. If you need even more free spins you should consider using the Coin Master hack. The Coin Master generator is available in german, english, french and other languages. If you want to use the hack you don’t need to download anything. It works for free on every device. No matter if it is your smartphone, tablet or PC. Also, there is no jailbreak or root required.

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