Risks of using a Coin Master Mod Apk

If you are looking for ways to play Coin Master without spending money for coins or spins you might consider a Coin Master mod apk, but is it really worth it download one, and are there any risks?


They promise you unlimited free spins and coins

Getting free Coin Master spins and coins are possibly one of the main reasons why players are looking for cheats, hacks, or modified applications. Unfortunately, the whole game is designed in the way you need to spend real money sooner or later if you really want to become better and better.

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Risks you must be aware of

Have you ever noticed those modified applications are not available on the official Google or Apple Store? This has a reason. These applications would get refused instantly. It’s not only about copyright infringements but also about the code itself. Here is a list of some possible risks:

  • They might get access over your camera, microphone and any file on your phone
  • You probably need a jailbreak or root first
  • They are not only unlocking spins and coins but also adding their own code/ads to the game
  • You might not play on the public servers anymore
  • It takes weeks or months until it gets updated to the latest version
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Who developed the modified apps?

This is probably the biggest question. No one knows. The truth is they can just use a fake name or even use the name of another reliable developer. If you think: „Oh well, it’s just a mod apk, what could possibly happen?!“ you should think twice. The Google Play Store and also the Apple App Store are not checking the modified app for malicious codes. The developer of those Coin Master mod apk could do real harm to you. The worst of it all: You have no idea who gets all your data and private information. You won’t be able to take legal actions if they share your private information, because they are anonymous.

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How can you get free spins and coins instead?

We highly recommend you to take a look on the iOS and Android Apps for the game. They not only provide you with awesome tips and tricks for the game, but also give you access to awesome Coin Master rewards and links, which are getting updated every single day. Get the apps on here.

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