Coin Master Spins Generator works perfectly!

Everyone wants to get free spins on Coin Master, but getting them can be really hard. Many players from all over the world are spending a lot of money just for spins and other items. It shouldn’t be like this. With the Coin Master spins and coin generator, which works for iOS and Android, you will be able to get all the spins and coins for free just within 2 minutes.

Take a look on this video on how to generate free Coin Master spins and coins:


First of all you have to open the Coin Master hack. We have it English, French, German and other languages. In the video above the online generator is in german, but the functionality is exact the same.

  1. Open the Coin Master hack in your preferred language
  2. Enter your username and choose how many free spins and coins you want
  3. Press „Generate“ and wait for a short time
  4. Confirm you are not a robot
  5. After verifying yourself you will unlock all the spins and coins. They will be transferred to your account within a couple of minutes.
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Thats it! Normally you should receive all the free coins and spins now. You can update the game whenever you want and the spins and coins won’t be lost, so don’t worry about it! We recommend you to take a look on our other posts and articles to learn even more cheats, tips and tricks for Coin Master.

If you don’t want to use a hack you can get the Coin Master links app for iOS and Android. It will give you daily rewards. In this way you will be able to get free spins and coins without using cheats or hacks.

Download them here for free!

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