Coin Master Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks

Coin Master Rewards and Free Spins

Coin Master is a fun and exciting game with unique gameplay. It has become one of the most played games with millions of downloads.

Through Coin Master links, players can get gifts to help upgrade the Village.

Today, let’s learn about some other ways you can gain Coin Master rewards and earn more free spins.

The Mystery Chest

The Mystery Chest gives the players the opportunity to win amazing rewards such as pet treats, pet XP, cards, and free spins. Apart from these rewards, one chest out of 10 will have a Joker Card in it.

Master Heists

Once the Heists begin, you can expect fantastic rewards that will help you upgrade your village.

In Master Heists, there are offers that you have to complete. To do that, you have to collect the rewards as per the available numbers.

Collect Offer 1 a couple of times, and Offer 2 will unlock. Similarly, you need to collect Offer 2 a few times, and Offer 3 will unlock next.

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Limited Friend Invite

It is true that you can receive rewards by inviting your friends to join the game. However, it is limited.

After collecting spins from 250 of your friends joining the game, a player will no longer get rewards as such.

Nevertheless, there are a number of other ways you can earn free Coin Master Spins. For one, you can send all your friends one spin daily and get one from each of them in return.

Sending a spin to your friend does not cost any of yours. Therefore, you can get around 50 spins for free every time.

In addition to that, you can take part in many other events, giveaways, raffles, and contests in their social media posts. It will give you a chance to win free spins and other awesome rewards.

Spin Gifts

Your friends can gift you up to 50 free spins if your village is below level 60. If your village level is below 80, you will get till 70 spins. You will get till 80 if your village level is 80 or higher, considering that the spin bar is out of spins.

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As for the coins, the amount that you can gift and receive will depend on the level of the Village.

Social Media Events

As mentioned earlier, players can get more exciting rewards by partaking in the giveaways, raffles, and contests.

The developer often hosts such events on their social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Official Trading Group.

However, make sure to keep away from fake social media pages and websites offering free rewards.

Cheats and Hacks

Another great way to get free spins and coins are cheats and hacks. Use the Coin Master hack for iOS and Android. It is available in English, French and German. Give it a try now!

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