Fastest Method to Increase your Village Level

Increasing your village level and getting into the next stage of the game is probably the all-time goal of Coin Master. There are hundreds of levels and once you increased your level it is getting more and more difficult to reach the next one. Here are some tips and tricks, which might help you to take it to the next level.

Spins and coins are the keys to success

First of all, you have to understand the spins and coins are the most crucial part of the game. Without them, you will have some difficulties. The number of coins and spins decide whether how fast you reach the next level and how successful you might become. Getting them is difficult, time-consuming, and really annoying. There is a fast lane to success by spending real money for spins. We don’t recommend it tho. Instead, you can make use of Coin Master rewards or the Coin Master hack, which also works pretty fine in the year 2020. In the end, it all depends on you. It is your decision whether you use the Coin Master hack, rewards or if you just play normally without any additional spins or coins.

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Make useful friends on Facebook

Did you know there are hundreds of Facebook groups for Coin Master? Coin Master got an enormous community of players from all over the world. These groups can be really helpful if you want to make friends or need someone to send you spins or other gifts. However, you should be careful to join the „right“ groups. Many of the groups are used to spam links, advertising, and all kinda other stuff. Usually, we would recommend you to avoid public groups.

Keep in mind you can only add a specific number of friends to your friend list on Coin Master. If you got too many already, you might need to delete some friends on Facebook. Therefore we recommend you to only keep the friends who are sending you gifts on a daily basis. By the way, you should also send them gifts in return!

You might check out this premium FB group. They also share daily links for spins and more!

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Collect all cards

Maybe you already know you can collect cards at every village level. You can then complete collections and get great rewards. The only question is: How can you know what cards are going to be at the specific village level? Well, there are some card lists showing you how rare the card is and where you can find them. We found the best card list in this application for Android. They also got daily Coin Master links and rewards, which will bring you free spins and coins every single day. You might check this app out if you are interested in the collection all possible cards and getting free spins for Coin Master.

Download the app here:

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