5 Reasons not to use the Coin Master Spins Hack

We asked 100 players who successfully used the Coin Master hack what they disliked and why they wouldn’t use the online generator again. Here is what they came up with:

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The game becomes too easy

Normally you are struggling with having only a few coins and spins, now imagine you could get thousands of spins and billions of coins just within a couple of minutes. You already learned to play the game the hard way and now you got any freedom you want. It will be much easier for you to collect the cards, much easier to increase your village level, and so on. It could even happen your level would increase from level 20 to 100 just within a couple of days. The game becomes incredibly easy. Some people like it and others dislike it. In the end, it is up to you.


Your friends will be super jealous

Imagine this: Your friends are always struggling to get spins and coins. Some of your friends might even spend hundreds of dollars just for the game. Suddenly you come along and tell them you got free spins and coins just within a couple of minutes. Some of them will be happy for you, but others will start to hate you. They might act friendly, but they are just looking for a way on how to take advantage of you.

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The best way to deal with this is by telling your friends you bought all the spins. Don’t tell them you used the Coin Master hack. Don’t tell them you got all the spins for free. It might backfire a lot.

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Be aware of scams

There are hundreds of tools like the Coin Master hack out there, but unfortunately, not all of them work. Some already stopped working and others never worked. Only a very few cheats and hacks are working for the game. As you might know, the developers are constantly updating the game. This also means the Coin Master hack tool needs to be updated.

On YouTube for example you will find so many videos about the hack. Don’t get me wrong. The videos are not fake and they are very likely to be real. The huge problem is the website they are advertising or telling you to open is fake and not working. Never provide anyone with your private information such as your password.

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Too high expectations

Once you got free spins and coins you will be confronted with super high expectations. Your friends will be like „Oh my god, you got thousands of spins and you are still on level 100, if I would have so many spins I would be on level 150 already“. Such sentences are common and you will be confronted with them almost every single day. It is very annoying and you should just ignore them!


You might lose your motivation

Sometimes it is better to stay competitive and other players will push you and motivate you to become better every single day. If you are too good your enemies are not enemies anymore. There won’t be any competition, you will be on a whole different level. It could happen your motivation to play the game every day suffers a lot. You need to find the sweet spot between motivation, opportunity, and being competitive.

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