Get free Spins and Coins easily

If you want free spins and coins for Coin Master there are several ways. The two best methods are to use the daily links app for iOS or Android. Another great method is to run the Coin Master hack, which you can use in several different languages for example in Italian or Portugese. It is available since a pretty long time and everyone could get free spins and coins.


Use the iOS or Android App for daily rewards

Every single day you will be able to redeem new rewards on the iOS and Android application. Simply navigate to „daily links“ and you can press the blue button. In this way you will be able to get up to 100 spins and 20 millions coins per day. Also, there will be events like „Coin Blast“, in which you can participate.

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Get the Coin Master rewards app here:


Use the Coin Master Spins Generator

It is quite easy. You can enter your username, the platform you are playing on and choosing how many free spins and coins you want. After a couple of minutes, all the items will be transferred to your account. Using it is really easy, everyone can do it. It doesn’t matter where you come from, on what level you are or how many spins you got.

Don’t worry. No one is asking for your email or password. Everything is safe!


Use the Online Generator now

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