How to Break the Piggy Bank in Coin Master: The Ultimate Guide

How do you break the piggy bank in Coin Master?

To break the piggy bank in Coin Master, you need to fill it up with as many coins as possible. Every time you spin the slot machine, a small portion of the bet goes into the piggy bank. The more you keep spinning, the more coins you will accumulate in the piggy bank.

Once the piggy bank is full, you will see a notification pop up on your screen, indicating that it is ready to be smashed. To do this, simply tap on the piggy bank icon on the main screen, and then select the „Break the Pig“ option. You will then be prompted to pay a small fee to break the piggy bank and collect all the coins inside.

It is important to note that the fee for breaking the piggy bank changes depending on your level and the number of coins in the bank. However, the fee is usually between $2 to $5. So, make sure you have enough coins in the bank to justify the fee before you decide to break it.

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In conclusion, breaking the piggy bank in Coin Master is a great way to earn a large number of coins quickly. Just keep spinning the slot machine and filling up the piggy bank until it is ready to be smashed. Once you break it, you can use the coins to upgrade your village, buy new items, and continue to enjoy the game.

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