How do I obtain Thor’s wheel in Coin Master?

How do you get Thor’s wheel in Coin Master?

To get Thor’s wheel in Coin Master, you need to participate in special events and collect cards. Thor’s wheel is a rare card in Coin Master that can be found in chests and card packs. The card has two stars and can be used to complete sets, which will earn you rewards and bonus spins.

There are a few ways to increase your chances of finding Thor’s wheel card in Coin Master. One option is to participate in special events and complete daily challenges, as these often reward you with chests and cards. Another option is to trade with other players to see if they have the card you need.

When you have collected all the cards in a set, you will receive a reward that often includes a certain number of spins. Some sets also have the chance to unlock rare cards like Thor’s wheel, which can then be used to complete other sets and earn even more rewards.

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It is important to note that collecting cards in Coin Master takes patience and perseverance, as the game is designed to be played over a long period of time. The more you play and participate in events, the higher your chances of finding rare cards like Thor’s wheel. So keep spinning the wheel, raiding other players, and completing sets to increase your chances!

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