How to get Thor’s Wheel in Coin Master: A Comprehensive Guide

How do you get Thor’s wheel in Coin Master?

To get Thor’s wheel in Coin Master, you need to complete the Card Collection for the Viking set. The Viking set consists of eight cards, including the Hammer, Viking helmet, Shield, Thor’s hammer, and the Valkyrie. Each card can be obtained by opening chests or by trading with other players.

Once you have collected all eight cards in the Viking set, you’ll be able to trade them in for Thor’s wheel. To do this, go to the Card Collection section of the game and select the Viking set. Here, you’ll see a „Trade“ button that will allow you to trade the completed set for Thor’s wheel.

Once you have obtained Thor’s wheel, you can use it to spin the Viking Quest bonus wheel. This will give you a chance to win extra coins, spins, Pet Food, and other rewards. To use the wheel, simply tap on it when it appears on the screen during gameplay.

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It’s worth noting that completing the Viking set and getting Thor’s wheel is not easy, as it requires a lot of luck and patience. You may need to open many chests and trade with many players to collect all the cards you need. However, the rewards are definitely worth it, as Thor’s wheel can help you win big in the Coin Master game.

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