How Can You Obtain Thor’s Wheel in Coin Master?

Question: How do you get Thor’s wheel in Coin Master?


To get Thor’s wheel in Coin Master, you need to focus on completing Viking Quests. When you complete three Viking Quests, you will get a chance to spin the Viking Slots for a chance to earn rewards, including Thor’s hammer and shield.

Once you get Thor’s shield, it will give you a chance to raid Coin Master’s Village. Raiding the village is your chance to get the hammer and complete Thor’s set. You need to raid the Coin Master’s Village eight times to get the hammer.

Once you have both the hammer and shield, you can use the hammer to attack other player’s villages and get Coin, and you can use the shield to protect your village from other players‘ attacks.

It is important to note that getting Thor’s wheel is not easy, and it requires patience, luck, and dedication in completing Viking Quests. However, with persistence and strategic gameplay, you increase your chances of getting Thor’s wheel and dominating Coin Master.

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