How to Protect Your Village: Tips on Stopping Attacks in Coin Master Game

How do you stop someone attacking your village on Coin Master?

In Coin Master, players can attack and raid each other’s villages to steal coins and other resources. To prevent someone from attacking your village, you can take the following steps:

1. Utilize Shield: During the game, players can purchase shields to protect their village from incoming attacks. A shield will act as a barrier for 3-4 attacks, making it harder for other players to raid your village.

2. Have A Good Defense Plan: Plan your village smartly by placing your buildings in a way that makes it more complicated for enemies to attack you. It will make it more difficult to raid your village, and they will ultimately give up.

3. Connect With Friends: On Coin Master, the game allows players to connect with their friends on Facebook. When you have friends in the game, it will be difficult for attackers to raid your village as your friend will also get a notification of the attack.

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4. Level-Up Your Village: Players who have higher-level villages are more challenging to raid. You will need to level up your village by collecting coins and upgrading your buildings on the game to make them stronger.

5. Stay Alert: Lastly, you should be attentive and alert to all your incoming attacks. As soon as you receive a notification, you should quickly attend to it.

By following these measures, you can effectively protect your village and prevent someone from attacking you on Coin Master.

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