How to Unlock the Thor’s Wheel in Coin Master: A Step-by-Step Guide

„How do you unlock Thor’s wheel on Coin Master?“

To unlock Thor’s wheel on Coin Master, you must first reach village level 111. Once you have reached this level, the game will prompt you to unlock the Thor’s hammer feature, which you can do by spending 450,000 coins. Once you have unlocked the Thor’s hammer feature, you can then start collecting Thor’s hammers by either buying them in the game’s store or receiving them through events and daily rewards.

To access the Thor’s wheel feature, you will need to collect 5 Thor’s hammers. Once you have collected 5 hammers, a pop-up will appear, inviting you to use them to spin the Thor’s wheel. The Thor’s wheel is a mini-game that gives you the chance to earn massive rewards, including coins, spins, pets, and more.

When you spin the Thor’s wheel, you will have the chance to land on different rewards. The most valuable rewards are located in the center of the wheel, and it is harder to land on them than on the outer rewards. The rewards in the center include the Joker card, which you can use to replace any missing card in your set and complete a set faster, and the elusive purple chest, which contains a substantial amount of coins.

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If you do not land on any of the center rewards, you can still receive other valuable rewards, such as gold cards, pet food, and free spins. Overall, unlocking and playing the Thor’s wheel is a fun and rewarding experience that can help you progress faster in Coin Master.

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