How to Unlock Thor’s Wheel in Coin Master: A Step-by-Step Guide?

How do you unlock Thor’s wheel on Coin Master?

In order to unlock Thor’s wheel on Coin Master, players must first collect all five pieces of the Thor’s Hammer set. These cards can be obtained through card packs or by trading with other players. Once the set is complete, players will unlock the Thor’s Hammer bonus game which will allow them to spin the wheel and win bonus coins, spins, or other rewards.

To get specific, here are the steps to unlock Thor’s Wheel:

Step 1: Collect all five cards

The five cards in the Thor’s Hammer set are the Hammer, Helm, Armor, Ring, and the Axe. These cards can be obtained by opening card packs or trading with other Coin Master players.

Step 2: Complete the set

Once you have collected all five cards, you will have completed the Thor’s Hammer set. Collecting a complete set opens up the bonus game, which is necessary to spin the Thor’s Wheel.

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Step 3: Spin the wheel

After completing the Thor’s Hammer set, players can access the Thor’s Hammer bonus game by clicking on the „Thor’s Hammer“ icon on the main game screen. Once in the bonus game, players will have the chance to spin the wheel and win extra coins, free spins, or other rewards.

In conclusion, unlocking Thor’s wheel in Coin Master requires some effort and patience in collecting the Thor’s Hammer set. Nevertheless, the rewards that come with winning the bonus game and spinning the wheel are definitely worth the effort.

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