How do I unlock Thor’s Wheel in Coin Master?

How do you unlock the Thor’s wheel on Coin Master?

To unlock Thor’s wheel on Coin Master, you need to collect a specific number of hammer symbols. Hammer symbols are scattered throughout the game, and you can collect them by spinning the slots or by purchasing them in the game’s shop using real money.

When you have collected enough hammer symbols, a notification will appear, telling you that you have unlocked Thor’s wheel. The wheel will then appear on your screen, and you’ll be able to spin it.

When you spin the Thor’s wheel, you can win various prizes such as coins, spins, and pets, but the grand prize is the mighty Thor card. The Thor card is one of the rarest cards in the game, and it’s necessary to complete sets to progress further in the game.

It’s worth noting that the chances of winning the Thor card on the wheel are incredibly slim, and you’ll probably need to spin the wheel numerous times to obtain it. Nonetheless, the rewards from the Thor’s wheel are still significant, so keep trying until you get what you need.

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Overall, unlocking Thor’s wheel on Coin Master requires patience, perseverance, and some luck. Keep collecting those hammer symbols, and soon you’ll be spinning the wheel like a pro.

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