“How to Unlock Thor’s Wheel on Coin Master: Step by Step Guide?”

How do you unlock the Thor’s wheel on Coin Master?

To unlock the Thor’s wheel on Coin Master, you need to reach level 121 on the game. However, it’s worth noting that the Thor’s wheel feature is now known as the Viking Quest, which was renamed in 2020. Once you hit level 121, the Viking Quest feature will be unlocked for you to play.

The Viking Quest is an excellent opportunity to earn massive rewards and coins in the game. It’s a mini-game that involves spinning a wheel to earn rewards, including shields, raids, and countless coins. You need to collect shields to protect your village from attacks, raids to attack other villages, and coins to upgrade your village.

Playing Viking Quest works differently from the standard game mode, where you spin the slot machine to earn rewards. Instead, you spin a wheel that has different rewards, and you get to spin it using your coins. The more coins you use, the higher your chances of earning more rewards. Once you hit level 121 and unlock the Viking Quest feature, you can access it by clicking on the hammer symbol available on the game’s main screen.

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To summarize, unlocking the Thor’s wheel feature, which is now the Viking Quest, on Coin Master requires you to reach level 121. The Viking Quest is a mini-game that allows you to spin the wheel to earn shields, raids, and coins. It’s a fantastic opportunity to earn incredible rewards and upgrade your village.

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