How To Get More Spins (Legit Method)

You are scared of using the Coin Master hack or other cheats, which you consider not legit? Well, there are several ways. Fortunately the developer worked on a few strategies on how to stop people from using tools like the Coin Master hack apk or mods.

Get free Coin Master spins through friends

If you don’t have friends on Facebook, which are playing Coin Master you should join specific groups. Add some people as a friend, but make sure they are legit. Some people just add you so you give them gifts in form of spins, but they never send you spins. If they don’t send you gifts simply delete them. Also you have to know there is a limit on how many free spins you can get through your friends. Also your friend list has a limit. We highly recommend you to get rid of all the people, who are only taking advantage of you (in the real life and also in the game).

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Use the daily links and rewards

On a cold autumn day the developer of Coin Master were sitting in their office, counting the countless money they earned from all the players and asked themselves: „How can we make the people stop using cheats and hacks for our beloved game?“ The answer was simple: Offering free spins and coins by themselves!!! What an idea! Truly remarkable. This is how they came up with the rewards and links. Every day they are publishing links, which are giving you free spins and coins. If you don’t want to use the Coin Master hack tool you should simply use the daily links instead.

There are several apps for iOS and Android, which are sending you notifications automatically when new links and rewards have been published. Sounds good right?

You can download the apps here:

Coin Master links for iOS

Coin Master links for Android

Keep in mind we are not the developer of those apps. We don’t own any rights and we are not responsible for any content in these apps. We were simply testing those apps and found them really helpful. Anyway, we recommend you to use the Coin Master hack. Its by far the easiest and fastest solution.

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If you don’t want to use the hack, simply use the apps and the links. At least you can get a few coins and spins for free every day.

coin master links

Now available in many languages

The Coin Master hack is now available in several different languages. Check it out in:

We are always looking forward to improve the hack and make it accessible for players from all over the world! Have fun!

If you have any questions leave us a comment!

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