Methods for free Coin Master Spins and Coins

Are you also looking for a method on how to get free spins and coins for Coin Master? There are several methods, but not all of them are working well. In this article, we are going to cover some of the best strategies on how and where to get free spins and coins. the sp

Why would anyone need free spins or coins?

Well, if you are passionate about Coin Master you know how important these in-game currencies are. Without enough spins and coins, it might get really difficult to reach the next village level or to collect all cards. In the end, the game is all about the spins. They decide how fast you succeed, how you succeed and if you succeed. The big problem: You need to spend real money in order to get them! Don’t do this!

Once you know how much of a difference the spins make you will try everything to get them including purchasing them in the shop of the game. Yes, they make a big difference in the game and this is on purpose.

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Coin Master hacks and cheats

The Coin Master hack was first introduced in 2017 and from there on millions of players worldwide used it to get more spins and coins. Until now there have been several versions in different languages. However, you must be really careful when it comes to the Coin Master hack 2020 because there are many fakes. Especially on YouTube, you will find so many scams. You should never ever enter your personal information such as your password, security question or other private information in the hack.

If you want to hack Coin Master you can check out our latest hack and generator for the game. It is also available in French and English.

coin master hack

Use links and rewards

The developers of Coin Master are well aware of cheats and hacks for Coin Master, which are generating free spins and coins for the game. In order to gain back control over the hacks, they came up with an idea to give away free spins and coins by themselves. Basically it is the main reason why they came up with „rewards“. Every single day they are going to release new Coin Master rewards in the form of links, which are giving you a limited amount of free coins and spins.

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Sometimes you are going to get 25 spins + 2 million coins and sometimes you might get 50 spins or more. It really depends. Usually, on the weekend you will receive more rewards.

Where to find the Coin Master links and rewards?

There are several websites, groups and also apps, but not all of them are reliable. Sometimes they stop updating the links. So far we could only find two apps, which were constantly updated with the latest rewards. Here they are:


As you can see they are quite popular. The reason why they are so useful and popular is that they are the most reliable source for links at the moment. All links are fully working.

Facebook groups and generous friends

If you ever searched for „Coin Master free spins“ on Facebook you will find so many groups it is insane. Not all of the groups are helpful. Some are just for spammers. Others are sharing fake links or want to take advantage. It is a huge mess. Nobody who is serious about Coin Master wants to spend hours searching for legit FB groups. We found one private group, which doesn’t allow spammers to join or posting fake links. Check it out:

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Take a look at the premium Facebook group

They are also sharing tips, tricks and guides for the game, which are quite helpful.

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