Ultimate guide to free Coin Master spins and coins

If you have played Coin Master for a while already you know how important the coins and spins are. Without them you won’t be able to reach the next level. Especially when you are on a village level above 100. Sooner or later you are going to spend money on spins. It is the only way you can keep improving your village and reach the next level. From this point on the game becomes very frustrating, if you don’t have a decent number of spins and coins.

Besides purchasing Coin Master spins in the shop of the game on your phone, there are also some other methods on how to get free spins and coins. Again, you don’t necessarily need to spend money in the game in order to get coins or spins.

Here are three methods on how to get spins and coins without spending money!


Make friends, trade cards, complete sets and earn gifts

Coin Master is also a social game. This means you can make friends, trade cards and make friends. Your friends can send you daily gifts in form of spins. However, you can only get up to 50 spins per day and the number of friends you can have is limited as well. Also, your friends will expect you to send them spins as well. So, you can’t only receive spins, but must also do certain actions.

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Anyway, besides the spins, it is also a great opportunity to trade cards. The Coin Master trading group helps you to find people to trade cards with. Its awesome, because you can get all the missing cards in order to complete sets. After completing sets you will be able to get great gifts such as 500 spins or even more!

Use Coin Master Spin Links on Android or iOS

Did you know the publishers of Coin Master are publishing new spin links and rewards every single day? It is good for you, because it helps you to get spins and coins for free. All you have to do is run the apps and press on the links. After this the Coin Master app will open and the items will be transferred to your account. The Coin Master rewards are one of the most popular strategies on how to get items. It requires no skills and you can get a specific amount of items every day.

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Simply download the apps for iOS or Android, press on „daily links“ and start receiving coins and spins for the game. It is super easy!

Redeem daily Coin Master spin links now!

collect coin master rewards

Run the Coin Master Spins Generator for free Spins

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get spins. You don’t have to interact with other people, you don’t need to join any group, you don’t need to collect cards and complete sets. All you need to do is run the Coin Master hack 2021, which is available in many different languages such as Italian, Spanish, English or French. Originally it is from Germany and it is quite popular over there.

The Coin Master hack and spins generator helps you to generate an unlimited amount of coins and spins. You can use the hack tool whenever you want for any platform you want. It doesn’t matter on what level you are, how many spins or coins you already got or how often you play. Simply run the spins generator, choose the number of spins and coins and start having fun!

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