What Activities Can Animals Engage in on Coin Master?

What do the animals do on Coin Master?

In Coin Master, animals appear in different forms and play various roles in the game. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what each animal does:

1. Rhino: The Rhino is your protector in the game. It has the power to block attacks from other players and can help you avoid losing coins and spins.

2. Foxy: The Foxy is the game’s navigator, and it helps you collect coins by raiding other players‘ villages. It can also unlock new game features and boost your rewards.

3. Tiger: The Tiger is a great addition to your Coin Master team. With the power of the Tiger, spinning the slot machine in the game becomes easier, and you can get more coins and spins.

4. Pet Snacks: In the game, you’ll also come across different pet snacks such as carrots and apples. These pet snacks can help you upgrade your pets and improve their performance in the game.

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5. Pets: You can also get pets like the Pug or the Hedgehog, which have their own unique abilities. For instance, the Pug can dig up more coins, while the Hedgehog can help you get more shields.

In summary, animals in Coin Master serve various purposes, such as protecting you, helping you navigate, and earning you more coins and spins. So, be sure to collect and upgrade as many pets as possible to increase your chances of winning in the game.

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