What is the Meaning of X3 on Coin Master?

What does x3 mean on Coin Master?

x3 is a multiplier in Coin Master that triples the amount of coins and spins earned from a particular action. When the player activates x3, the standard reward for completing a task is multiplied by 3, which can greatly increase the amount of coins and spins collected in the game. The player can activate x3 by either watching a video ad or purchasing the multiplier using real money.

The x3 multiplier can be used in various situations, such as attacking another player’s village, completing a daily bonus challenge, or opening a treasure chest. By using the x3 multiplier, players can earn more rewards and progress faster in the game. However, it is important to note that the multiplier only lasts for a limited time, usually around 30 minutes, and can only be activated once per hour. Additionally, the x3 multiplier does not apply to every action in the game, such as buying coins or spins in the shop.

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Overall, the x3 multiplier is a useful tool for Coin Master players to increase their coin and spin earnings in a short amount of time. While it does require either watching a video or spending real money, the potential rewards can greatly benefit the player’s progress in the game.

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