What is Bet Blast in Coin Master?

What is Bet Blast in Coin Master and how does it work?

Bet Blast is a special event in the Coin Master game where players have the chance to increase their betting rewards by a significant factor. During Bet Blast, players can boost their bets by up to 10 times, meaning that they can potentially earn bigger rewards than usual.

To participate in Bet Blast, players will need to spin the slot machine as they normally would in the game. However, during the event, the slot machine will display a special icon that represents Bet Blast. This icon is usually a colorful explosion, a rocket, or a bomb, depending on the theme of the current event.

When players land on the Bet Blast icon, they will be prompted to choose between three different betting options – regular, super, or ultimate. Each option has a different multiplier, ranging from 2x to 10x. Players can choose the one that suits their strategy and risk tolerance.

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Once the player has chosen their bet multiplier, they can spin the slot machine as usual. If they are lucky enough to land on a winning combination, the payout will be multiplied by the chosen bet multiplier. This means that during Bet Blast, players can potentially earn up to ten times more rewards than they would normally.

It’s important to note that Bet Blast is a temporary event that occurs periodically in the Coin Master game. The frequency and duration of the event may vary depending on the game’s developers. It’s recommended to keep an eye on the game’s official social media channels or in-game notifications to stay updated on when the next Bet Blast event will happen.

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