What exactly is Coin Master ghost mode and how does it work?

What is Coin Master ghost mode?

Coin Master ghost mode is a feature in the Coin Master game that allows players to hide their public profiles from other players in the game. This feature, which is available for a limited time, allows players to play the game anonymously without being tracked, attacked, or raided by other players in the game. When a player activates ghost mode, their profile disappears from the virtual map, and they become invisible to other players. This means that they can play the game without the fear of losing their hard-earned coins and villages to other players.

Ghost mode comes in handy especially when a player is running low on coins and shields or is being constantly attacked by other players. By activating ghost mode, they can protect themselves from more attacks while still being able to collect coins and build their villages. Ghost mode is also useful when a player wants to stay under the radar and avoid becoming a target for other players.

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To activate the ghost mode in Coin Master, players must first access the game settings from the main menu. From there, they can select the „Ghost Mode“ option and activate it. Once activated, players will remain in ghost mode for a limited time, after which they will automatically revert to their normal profile. Ghost mode can be activated multiple times, but only once per day.

In conclusion, Coin Master ghost mode is a useful feature that helps players protect their coins and villages from other players in the game. It also allows them to play the game anonymously without being tracked or attacked by other players. To enjoy this feature, players need to activate it from their game settings and can do so only once per day.

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