What is the Use of Tiger Pet in Coin Master?

What is the use of tiger pet in Coin Master?

The Tiger is a pet in Coin Master that can be unlocked at Village level 40. Once you have unlocked the Tiger pet, you can use it in the game to increase your rewards and help you progress faster.

One of the main uses of the Tiger pet is to increase the number of coins you earn from raids. When you use the Tiger pet during a raid, it will attack the opponent’s village and steal additional coins for you. The amount of coins you can get from a raid is dependent on the level of your Tiger pet, so it’s important to level up your pet by feeding it treats regularly.

The Tiger pet also provides a bonus to your spins, allowing you to earn additional rewards such as coins, spins, and chests. The amount of bonus you receive is again dependent on the level of your Tiger pet.

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In addition to these benefits, the Tiger pet also has a chance to trigger a jackpot during a spin. This jackpot can give you a significant amount of coins, spins, or even pets.

In summary, the Tiger pet in Coin Master is a valuable asset that can help you earn additional rewards and progress faster in the game. Make sure to level up your pet regularly by feeding it treats to maximize its benefits.

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