Who Owns Coin Master? Unraveling the Mystery Behind the Popular Mobile Game

Question: Who is the owner of Coin Master?

Answer: The owner of Coin Master is a company called Moon Active. Moon Active is a mobile games studio based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company was founded in 2011 by a team of gaming industry veterans and has since become a leading player in the mobile gaming space.

Coin Master is one of Moon Active’s most successful games, with over 100 million downloads worldwide. The game is a combination of slot machine and village-building genres, where players spin a virtual slot machine to earn coins and use those coins to build and upgrade their own village.

Moon Active’s other popular games include Boom Space, Funtastic Island, and Pirate Kings. The company has also received numerous awards for its innovative mobile games, including the 2019 App Growth Award for Best App Advertising Campaign.

In addition to its gaming development, Moon Active has also partnered with a number of brands and organizations, including the United Nations, to create unique and engaging ad campaigns.

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Overall, Moon Active’s success with Coin Master and its other mobile games has cemented the company as a major player in the gaming industry, and one to watch in the future.

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